• 1997 - Creation of Alsaflam

    The Alsaflam Company was created in 1997 in response to a strong demand for individualized, non-standard thermal equipment made-to-spec. Alsaflam specializes in the design, assessment (mechanical, electrical, and automation), and manufacture of industrial gas burners, as well as tailor-made thermal equipment for industry. In 1996, AGI (Alsace Gaz Industrie), a manufacturer of linear gas burners in Vieux-Thann (68), closed its doors. The following year, Alsaflam acquired the patents and the AGI brand in order to allow the users of these linear gas burners to find and obtain necessary unique spare parts

  • 2012 - Alsaflam SAS

    In 2012, Alsaflam Sàrl becomes Alsaflam SAS and assigns its lease-management activities to MENTZER D&N Sàrl. The entire range of products and services continues to be offered to our customers, who will find the same high performance and quality at MENTZER D&N.

  • 2019 - Acquisition by MENTZER D&N

    MENTZER D&N acquires AlsaFlam. In addition, Alsaflam offers the additional service of industrial electricity. Based on your specifications or a description of your needs, we carry out an analysis of electrical diagrams, automation, and electrical cabinets wiring.

  • 2020 - Biogaz

    Since 2020, AlsaFlam uses its technology to adapt to new energies such as biogas.

  • 2021 - Industrial electricity

    Alsaflam proposes a complementary service of industrial electricity from your specifications or from a description of your needs we realize your studies of electrical diagrams, automatisms and wiring of electrical cabinet.

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