What is biogas?

Biogas is the product of the breakdown of organic matter, either animal or vegetable, by microorganisms under anaerobic conditions (i.e., without the presence of oxygen). This phenomenon is widely observed in nature. The Italian scientist Alessandro Volta (1745 – 1823) was the first to describe and analyze the composition of “swamp gas.” In 1776, he isolated its major component, methane, which is produced by naturally-occurring methanogenic archaebacteria. These same bacteria produce the methane stored in sedimentary soil, which is extracted in the form of “natural gas.” This fermentation process is known as methanization.

The composition of biogas varies according to the types of fermented organic matter and the conditions of their decomposition. Generally, biogas is extracted from landfills, where it is naturally produced. It is composed of 35% to 65% methane, 15% to 20% carbon dioxide, 4% to 40% nitrogen, and 0% to 5% oxygen. Under certain conditions, the reactions can also generate hydrogen and other minor gases such as hydrogen sulfide, a product of protein degradation. The composition of the biogas produced under the controlled conditions in an industrial anaerobic digester can reach 45% to 75% methane, 30% to 40% carbon dioxide, and some traces of nitrogen (<0.2%).


Alsaflam and Biogas

We are able to offer a wide range of biogas-compatible burners. Alsaflam’s patented injectors accept biogas. Our expertise from almost 25 years in industrial gas burner design and production allows us to custom-build the burner that will meet your needs.

Since the production of biogas is not always constant, we can offer multi-tube burners that can alternatively combine renewable natural gas and renewable propane biofuels. There are also burners that can operate simultaneously with two fuel types, such as biogas and conventional natural gas or biogas and conventional propane, for example.

The installation of a biogas burner is done in compliance with current industry standards (EN746-2).

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