Gas Linear Burners bring to gas tubes the advantages and safety of forced air burners. They are used whenever it is necessary to produce a short, linearly distributed flame inside of an enclosure or in an air stream.


  • Customized construction from modular components.
  • Monoblock or duoblock construction (gas-air package as a separate sub-assembly), Steel or stainless steel body.
  • Brass or stainless
  • Steel injectors.
  • Length from 400 mm to several meters (we have even created 15 m burners)

Power rating:

  • From 50 to 500 kW / meter for a single row
  • From 100 to 800 kW / meter for a double row
  • All types of combustible gases
  • Pressure in the chamber: -1000 Pa to 30000 Pa (-10 mbar to +300 mbar)
  • Temperature in the chamber: up to 600 °C
  • Air velocity around the burner: up to 40 m/s on the axis of the flame.


The Linear Gas Burner consists of two concentric tubes fed with air and gas respectively.

he outer tube has frustoconical-shaped openings responsible for materializing and stabilizing the flames.   In each opening, an injector is supplied with gas through the inner tube. The air is set in rotation by a turbulator machined into the shape of a propeller.

Air and gas mix at the tip of each injector to create a flame in each conical opening.

The openings located one after another produce a line of flame, hence the name Linear Burner.

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