Put in standards

Put your gas burner in standards

Next to an audit or a specifical request from a customer, Alsaflam is able to put your thermal installation in standards.

The standards

Since 1995, industrial furnaces, conceived and launched in the European market need to satisfy requirements about safety. To answer better to those requirements, the European committee of standardization elaborated a range of standards : EN 746.

Publish by the AFNOR in 1997, the NF EN 746-2 standard apply to supply in combustible and in combustion.

The EN 746-2 Role

It defines, in industrial thermal equipment domains, precise prescriptions allowing to satisfy the specifical requirements.

The second part, publish by the AFNOR in 1997, apply to combustion and combustible's manutention used in industrial thermal installation.

Standards and directives which answer Alsaflam's installations

Concerning the only Alsaflam's furniture :

The installations are in accordance with EN 746-1 and EN 746-2.

They are in accordance with the CEE dispositions as :

  • EC Machine Directives (98/37/EEC)
  • Gas Appliance Directive (90/396/EEC)
  • Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC)
  • EMC Directive (89/336/EEC)