The formation's objective given by Alsaflam is to be able to install and assure the gas burner's maintenance (about his own furnitures and his concurrent's ones.)

Next to this gas burner formation, the companie's staff will be able to install, put into service and assure the entire autonomy of the burners in complete safety.

Internship objective

  • Learn more about gas and combustion
  • Know how a gas burner is designed
  • Well know the gas burner's operating cycle
  • Know how to find the breakdown causes and know how to remedy to it

Program of the gas burner's formation

  • Repair
    • The orderly research for breakdown causes
    • Causes and remedies
  • Gas burner's technology
    • Description and functioning of gas burner's components
    • Air and gas skid
  • Gas combustion process
    • Combustion basic principles
    • Combustible - combustive report regulation
    • Controls and safety
  • Safety deposit boxes study
    • Operating cycle
    • Electric plan analysis
  • restoring the production
    • Temporary repair - possibilities
    • Particular precautions