Presentation of the linear gas burner

1. General information

1.1 Linear gas burner

Alsaflam’s linear gas burner is based on an efficient air forced burner system which can be used for many industrial applications.

The transfer of the heat onto the target process is ensured by a linear energy distribution.
Any process relying on a direct heat source is particularly impacted.
Its original design and optimized gas supply parameters guarantee outstanding performances.

Respecting standards and specifications and using highly developed material and techniques such as gas-air ratio-regulators, enables us to provide the highest level of security.

1.2. Appropriate use

The appropriate installation, adjustment and the correct use of industrial gas burners will result in a secure and trouble-free installation.
Alsaflam’s state of the art linear gas burner installations will be performed by trained personnel in compliance with all standards and specifications regarding gas supply and electrical installation.
We’re putting a lot of attention into the electric automatization.
To guarantee optimum performances, the adjustment and the commissioning of Alsaflam’s linear gas burner will be done by a trained specialist.
The user shall respect any service and maintenance instruction, as specified in this document to ensure a high dependability and performance of the equipment.

1.3. Compliance with standards

Please make sure to comply with local standards and specifications at the installation premises.

  • Alsaflam’s linear gas burner complies with standards and specifications on hardware, including the following CEE guidelines

⇒ 89/336/CEE, electromagnetic compatibility
⇒ 73/23/CEE
⇒ 89/392/CEE , as per June 14th 1989 regarding "machineries"

  • Only on hardware provisioning, Alsaflam complies with EU Standard EN 746, part 1 and 2; regarding security specifications of industrial heating equipments.

2. Description of linear gas burner

2.1. Constitution

Alsaflam’s linear gas burner are made of two concentric enclosures, each one supplied in air and gas. The outside pipe has truncated-cone shaped openings on which a steady flame appears.

The air and gas is mixed at the nozzle of each injector to produce flame on each truncated-cone shaped opening. The alignment of conical openings is at the origin of Alsaflam’s linear gas burner.

Each opening is equipped with an injector, supplied with gas within the interior pipe.
A swivel ring, shaped like a rotor is used to get the outgoing air into rotation.
Gas injectors are made using precision bar cutting which guarantees a constant output and allows a steady line of flames for any type of use.
Alsaflam’s gas injectors are the “free jet” type.

2.2 Air supply

Alsaflam’s linear gas burner is supplied under high and stable pressure through an air turbine at constant speed. An air filter, at the entrance of the turbine, protects the complete combustion installation from dust and fiber within the air supply feed. Keeping this filter clean and maintaining it, is essential. If the installation has several burners, the fan and the filter can be commonly used by several burners.
An air pressure regulator, using automatic regulation processes will guarantee a steady pressure to provide optimum conditions for the burner.
The exact positioning of the butterfly valve used to regulate the air output, flowing through the burner and therefore the output power of the flame.
The servomotor of the air valve is controlled by the temperature regulator, using an automatized control process in charge of controlling its positioning during the ignition and powering-down phase.
If the operating conditions allow it, a variation of the air flow can be obtained by regulating the rotation speed of the fan within the butterfly valve.

An air pressure regulator, using automatized regulation processes, stabilizes the gas pressure to sufficient operating level. (gas detecting pressure regulator)

A gas skid, composed of an electromagnetic gas valve and a gas-air regulator, provides the injectors with the amount of gas-flow required at the openings. The adjustment of the air-gas ratio-regulator, allows the optimization of the combustion process for any type of usage.
The air-ratio regulator insures the electromagnetic valve functionality of type A.

The gas pressure regulator ensures at any time, for any burner, the gas pressure is not exceeding specified parameters. (Excess gas regulator)

2.3. Flame monitoring

After ignition of the gas-air mix by the spark-plug, the availability of the flame will be constantly monitored by the “flame detection” device.
The presence of the flame is verified, using a UV cell which detects the ultraviolet emission of the flame.

2.4. Control and automatization

Alsaflam’s linear gas burner cannot be dissociated from its electrical controlling and automatization device. Both are contained within a control box, in compliance with regulations. The unit is in charge of providing the ignition and to control the power and temperature during normal operation mode.