The company DONALDSON wants to manufacture a hot air generator for industrial thermomechanical test bench.

Following this request, Alsaflam has designed an equipment that meets the needs of DONALDSON. The hot air generator is composed of a combustion blower, a dilution blower, a fireplace, a 300kW burner (which is composed of 3 stages) and its gas range. The whole is streamlined by thermal and sound insulation panels.

The gas range is composed of a gas filter which protects the burner components, 3 pressure gas switches (presence, excess and leakage control), a gas/ air ratio regulator which delivers to the injectors the correct amount of gas corresponding to the air flow supplied to the nozzles and a electromagnetic valve for each stage of the burner.

This system is mounted on a lifting table equipped with wheels, so it can be positioned on multiple test benches.

The constraints of this project were in particular the strong counterpressure to be overcome (up to 500 mbar) and the very diverse cycles characterized by rapid rise and fall in temperature and in some cases sudden changes in flow, as instant standstill.

In order to get an accurate control of the hot air generator, we have set up a JUMO mTRON T system, which is a modular measurement, regulation and automation system suitable for the acquisition, regulation, control and recording accurately. The best part of the system is the simple control and associated software components, the high measurement accuracy and quality of the control, and the robust and easy to maintain mechanics.