The NET ENGINEERING company wants to have an improved copy of one of their machines

Next to this request, Alsaflam has designed the equipment that meets the needs of NET ENGINEERING, consisting of two retraction burners, a control cabinet and a range of air and gas supply

This system consists in two ECLIPSE burners with a power of 44kW each 

Both burners are supplied with natural gas as well as air through a common air blower. Each burner has its own gas supply, only the trigger station is common to both burners. The electric control cabinet is mounted on a frame with the combustion air blower and the trigger station. The burner control is done by a LFL burner controler. The air flow through each burner is adjustable via a manual butterfly valve, the gas flow is adjusted by a proportional regulator to ensure a stable and balanced combustion regime.  


Those photos were taken during the pre-delivery tests