CHEMVIRON France S.A.S. contacted us to do the replacement of two hot air generators which were obsolete.

It's a company producing active carbon, belonging to the CALGON group. We have been commissioned to design, supply and install two 4MW hot air generators for VOC treatment, in the context of debottlenecking one of their units. These two burners occupy a very important location in the process, indeed, they are responsible for drying the raw material (sawdust, charcoal).

The burners are equipped with a double gas box, this technology allows to reduce considerably the power of the burner in minimum operation without changing the maximum power of it, which offers a wide range of adjustment and a reliable regulation, which was essential for their process, indeed sawdust is very sensitive to temperature variations and can ignite very quickly.

SolidWorks drawing taken during the burner's conception

Photo taken during the conception, before insulation