In the context of the rewamping of one of their dryer, RICOH INDUSTRIE FRANCE S.A.S. called on to Alsaflam to improve their energy consumption, as well as increase their production capacity. In 2015 we made the rewamping of a first dryer (dryer n°2) made of 4 equipments. Further to this modification, their efficiency has been improved, and their gas consumption strongly reduced, what corresponded exactly to the expectations of the company.

Further to these results, Alsaflam was in charge of realizing the rewamping of another dryer (dryer n°1).

Next to the various tries made on burners installed last year, we designed a new gas box, split into two different parts, a part which is designed to spend 1/3 of the burner's power and working continuously, and an other one, which spend 2/3 of the burner's power, which works only during a rise in temperature or when a high-temperature regulation is imperative.

This double gas box allows to reach relatively low temperatures of regulation, just like rises in temperature fastly. The regulation of the temperature at the level of the product is extremely precise.

These results led the company RICOH INDUSTRIE SAS to replace the burners which fit another of their dryer by the same system.