The company DONALDSON contacted us to carry out the study and the design of a hot air generator for industrial thermomechanical test bench.

The NET ENGINEERING company contacted us to make an improved copy of one of their machines.

The Civil Aviation Technical Service contacted us in order to realize the conception, manufacturing and installation of two linear burners with a power of 750kW each.

CHEMVIRON France S.A.S. contacted us to do the replacement of two hot air generators, which where obsolete.
These new burners have been designed and realized to meet the customer's needs. 

The company RICOH INDUSTRIE SAS wants to replace 6 burners which fit one of their dryer. The company Alsaflam is in charge of the provision of its burners, based on the burners already installed

We have been contacted by CMF to effectuate the replacement of 2 of their linear burner.

These burners have been thought and realized to answer the best to the customer's needs.