Linear gas burner

Linear gas burners carry to gas ramps the advantages and the security of premix air/gas burner. It's used each time it's necessary to create a short flame, with a linear repartition, in an enclosure or in an air flow.

Custom made manufacturing, with modular components

Monobloc or duobloc construction (air/gas range in a separated subset)

Steel or stainless steel body, with brass injectors

400mm length to few meters (15m burners have already been producted)

Nominal power :

50 to 500kW / meter in simple row

100 to 800kW / meter in double row

All types of fuel gas

Inside pressure : -1000 Pa to 30000 Pa (-10 mbar to + 300 mbar)

Inside temperature : up to 600°C

Airspeed around the burner : up to 40m/s in flame axis

Description :

A linear gas burner is constitued of two concentric tubes supplied with air and gas.

The outside tube carry two truncated nozzles in charge of materialized and stabilized flames.

In each nozzle, and injector is supplied with gas by the inside tube. The air is put in rotation by a helically turbulator.

Air and gas mix together at each injector's nose to create a flame in each nozzle.

Nozzles are place one beside the others to create a line of flame, it give its name to linear gas burner.







Some examples :







Textil drying ream













Thermal treatment oven low or medium temperature.
















Hot air generator at the head of an atomization tower






















Hot air dryer
Plaster blocks dryer














Rotating drums
(heating of the cylinder from the inside or from the generator)


















Paint dryer